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Frequently Asked Questions

Q I have submitted my paperwork to become a Golden West Provider. When do I know if I have been accepted?

Your office will be notified via letter whether or not there is a need for a DHMO office, or your office will receive a welcome letter with an effective date.

Q Do you accept all Dentists as providers?

Distributiuon of DHMO office to membership is assessed for need.  All Dentists must pass the credentialing process before they can become active.

Q Why should I accept Golden West?
A Golden West Dental & Vision has more than 30 years of experience providing innovative dental products. In the offices of a number of doctors, Golden West Plans are the only plans accepted. This is no doubt attributable to our history of service and stability. Golden West is proud of and dedicated to the network of private practices that treat our members.
Q What type of help do you offer to my office staff?
A If your staff has questions on the plans, they simply call our Professional Services. Our staff is always ready and available to assist you at the same number. New offices are provided with training along with a provider manual to assist them with understanding plan administration.
Q Can my office submit changes or updates to my practice online?

Yes your office can submit your changes or updates on line by completing our Provider Maintenance Form.